The proof of the pudding is in the eating. This age-old phrase basically means the quality of something is uncertain until it has been tested directly. Sort of like you don’t know whether you like something until you’ve tried it.

If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to experience Lungren Homes, we invite you to review comments from some of our customers, business associates, and trade partners:

Michael Hondorp, Homeowner

Patty and I love our new Lungren Home in Jasmine Court in Gig Harbor. Dan and his team were great to work with in virtually all respects. Dan is a class act guy and his professionalism gave us a high degree of confidence that he would fulfill his commitments to us as buyers. He did.

Robert Wasmer, Homeowner

We appreciate all that you have done to make living here so pleasant.  Both Steve and Ehren have been outstanding in the ways they get things accomplished, and, to a person, everyone who has come through our home has been pleasant and quick to make things exactly right.  Such things start at the top and we know that.

Sue Millang, Homeowner

I’ve lived in the Edgeview community in Auburn for 2 years. Dan and his group made the stressful process of buying a new home easy. They have been timely, efficient and very professional. They have a wonderful team of employees and contractors that work together to make sure that the homeowners are satisfied.

Doug Quinn, Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning

I have had the pleasure to work with Dan for 20+ years, and seen thousands of homes built under his management. Dan is one of the most courteous, honest, hardworking, and talented individuals in the building industry. We enjoy being a part of his successful team.

Rowdy Bovan, President of Peltram Plumbing

Dan has a great relationship with his trade partners, and an excellent reputation in the home building industry.

Bill Sullivan, Owner of Accents & Interiors

Our company mission statement states that we will service our customers ‘with respect, integrity and professionalism.’ Dan is the embodiment of each of these traits, and I’m honored to be a trade partner and a friend. I owe much of my success to the lessons and examples I have learned from Dan.

Steve Gilpatrick, Realtor

I have been at Realtor for 8 years, and I’ve never worked with someone as genuine as Dan. He is enthusiastic, dedicated, and just an all-around pleasure to work with. Dan is one of the most outstanding home builders in the Pacific Northwest.

Dan Hayes, President & CEO of JR Hayes & Sons

Dan’s knowledge of residential construction is impressive. He combines great technical expertise with practical application that results in the construction of well-designed, well-built homes. I expect that he has a fan club of happy home owners.

Tracy Murphy, Homeowner

We fell in love with the Lungren neighborhood. We’d not seen anything like it. We actually thought it had to be out of our price range and left!! It wasn’t until later that we saw the prices and came back. We’re so happy with our decision.